Presidential Candidate Statement: Mikaelah M.

by Mikaelah M.

The job of a Student Body President is to be the voice for the people, a position that I could perform well this upcoming year. The countless hours, days, and years that I have spent perfecting my abilities, through athletics, have helped me develop collaboration skills. Soccer has made me dedicated to attaining success. I have learned leaders are not defined by their titles but by how they act. I lead behind the scenes, helping others raise themselves up rather than pulling them up with me.

I will not only be a representative of your opinion and voice, but I will also bring a fresh perspective. While I have not been on StuCo, I have been very active in leadership roles in my extra-curricular sports teams. These leadership roles have helped shape my work ethic and perspective on how to handle adversity.

My goal for the upper school this upcoming year is to openly celebrate our successes and identities. We as a community must get better at honoring our collective accomplishments and unique traits. We are a melting pot of cultures and identities and I feel that we aren’t taking advantage of our environment.

I would like to institute a college signing day, for OES athletes, to give credit to these student-athletes who have worked so hard to accomplish their goals. I also would like to publicly recognize others who are perfecting their crafts, whether it be in the performing arts or in speech and debate.

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