Presidential Candidate Statement: Nathan C.

by Nathan C.

My name is Nathan C., and I am formally declaring my candidacy for the position of OES student body President. I came to OES as a freshman, and I have grown to deeply care about the school, and about each and every one of you.

Over the past three years, I’ve plunged wholeheartedly into numerous activities around OES — all of which have helped me cultivate and develop positive relationships throughout the school. During my OES career, I’ve acted in seven plays, played basketball for three years, and tutored in AASK for two. I’ve sat on Community Board for two years and ASAC for one, and been on the Mock Trial team for three. In short, through my broad range of experiences, I’ve learned what OES students care about, and I’ve been fortunate enough to move into leadership roles that have enabled me to help ensure that our vision of OES becomes a reality.

As your student body President next year, I will continue to utilize my demonstrated well-rounded approach, as well as dive into all tasks with the same enthusiasm and zeal that I’ve brought to OES over the past three years. It will be my responsibility to ensure that the voice of every single member of the student body is represented, and I feel up to the task. After years of working alongside all of you in many aspects of OES life, I can promise you that I will continue to see and understand your perspective. Thank you.

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