Presidential Candidate Statement: Regina L.

by Regina L.

My name’s Regina L., and I’m beyond excited to officially announce my candidacy for Student Body President. As a Class Board representative freshman year, a Policy Board representative this year, and leader of various groups from Women’s Soccer to BSU, Mock Trial to Girl Up, I feel confident in my ability to demonstrate leadership, organization, and enthusiasm on behalf of the Student Body.

I look ahead with questions already in mind — How can we organize Student Government to better discover and serve the community’s needs? What can we do to encourage an authentic sense of community, within the Upper School and the greater OES community alike? How can we reshape the relationship between students and administration in such a way that students know there is an active, accessible and meaningful forum to have their voices heard? I anticipate assessing issues through a critical lens, with the utmost reverence for students voices, as ultimately, my foremost job will be to represent your needs as accurately and honestly as possible.

As President, I’ll be first to bat for the concerns of students. My collaborations with students and faculty alike, and my passion for and understanding of OES and its culture, has prepared me to excel in representing OES to teachers, administration, parents, and other schools with comfort and credibility. Entering my 7th year at OES, I reflect with gratefulness at how OES shaped who I am today; it would be an absolute honor to represent and lead this community in 2015-2016.

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