Presidential Candidate Statement: Rowan B.

by Rowan B.

When we all come back to OES for reunions, it won’t be the building or curriculum that brings us back–we will return to this place for the people. The people we’ve played sports with; the people we’ve presented dramas and played music with, even the people we sit next to eating lunch in the dining hall have played an important role in our lives.

Having been at OES for 12 years now, I feel especially impacted by the institution and believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the incredible experiences that I’ve had over the years. I feel that I’ve become a well-rounded leader through my involvement with a multitude of activities. Through athletics I’ve learned to work collaboratively in a team environment to set and achieve goals, helping both the Soccer and Tennis teams win back-to-back state championships. As a captain of the Mock Trial team, I’ve learned to advocate in a civic dialect, and more importantly I have become familiar with the structure surrounding civics and policies at OES through my position this past year on Policy Board.

As the student body president I would be accessible to all, and I would be a strong advocate for students. I would work toward forging stronger connections between day and dorm students through more social events and activities. My hope is that I can work with Stuco to bring people together and  make our time here at OES the most powerful experience possible.

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