OES’ Chief Financial Officer Resigns

by Abe Asher

OES’ Chief Finance Officer, Andrea Bride, suddenly resigned last week.

Bride was hired in July 2012, before the 2012-13 school-year. Before that, she was the CFO of the Northern California chapter of the girl scouts.

Bride’s resignation was a surprise — unexpected and abrupt. Bride has not returned a request for comment, and no one in the upper levels of the school administration has commented either. This is partially due to legal concerns surrounding Bride’s departure, and the sensitivity of talking about anyone’s livelihood.

Upper School head Jordan Elliott said, “I would suspect that some of the same things that applied to MO applied to Andrea. It’s about how the job fit the person.”

It is unknown at this time if Bride has another job lined up. OES’ financial office is known to be going through a period of change, as the school updates and streamlines the way it does its accounting. That process hasn’t been without its hiccups.

The CFO works out of Morris House. The process has begun to find Bride’s permanent replacement, until then, Head of School Mo Copeland will be the acting CFO.

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