Humans of OES: Article One

by Isabele R.

I know all of you are bubbly over the newest addition to the Dig, our section dedicated to answering your utmost burning questions. In addition to that addition, we are bringing back a more generic version of Humans of OES.

These articles will contain 2 interviews at a time with someone in our OES community as well as a photo of an accessory/item/physical characteristic/of each person, rather than an image of their face. Guess who the person is in the comment section below!

This is a spinoff of a widely popular interview/photography blog on the internet by Brandon Hony. For a look at Humans of New York check out the website, follow on Instagram, or even Facebook. I highly recommend spending a few solid minutes reading some of the articles either on the website or through Tumblr/Instagram, but first check out our first interviews below!


”I’m proud of my grades, because they’re pretty high. Friendships and stuff have been different from back then and now and I didn’t expect that.”


“I think two of the most important things are to find a way of keeping perspective, which often means: Don’t take yourself too seriously. And beyond that, when you lose perspective, look for your better self. You know your better self is gonna figure out things much more than the self of you that’s lost perspective.”

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