Voting: Our Civic Responsibility

by Johnny S.

On Wednesday, May 27th, you will have the opportunity to vote for one of the eight qualified candidates running for President this year. We are lucky enough to have candidates skilled in things from sports to Mock Trial to theatre and each candidate will bring a unique set of skills to the job.

I urge all of you to approach some of the candidates in the halls and become an informed voter. It is unfair to judge a person’s platform on simply a three minute speech. The candidates have very different personalities and will in turn handle situations and problems very differently from each other.

For this reason, the more you can learn about a candidate’s position on issues and how they might act under a certain situation, the higher chance you will vote for someone who will represent you and your values well and the higher chance your values will be implemented in the Upper School next year.

The Student Body President is in no way omnipotent, but they will greatly affect the atmosphere of the Upper School next year so I urge all of you to take the vote seriously, inform yourselves on the candidates, and go out to vote on May 27th.

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