Watch The Hunting Ground

by Isabele R.


Wednesday, June 3rd, OES will be host of a special viewing of the 2015 documentary The Hunting Ground directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.

The directors started their career exploring another particularly touchy subject in their first film, 2012, The Invisible War; illustrating rape culture in the military. This documentary explores the culture of rape on college campuses around America, and the procedure various colleges follow when rape and assault are reported.

The viewing will only be open to parents of and students from the class of 2015, as the film contains graphic and sensitive content. OES has chosen to show this film through Genderlens, and is being approached as a health precaution.

The showing is intended for ALL seniors, both men and women, in attempts to address the reality of rape on campus as seniors continue on to college themselves.

The seniors received an email with the trailer and request to RSPV. The trailer can be found here and if you have any questions regarding the film contact Kara Tambellini or Deb Walsh.

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