We Need A Bell

by Elie D.

If you’ve ever watched one of those (probably) dumb movies about what it’s like in a stereotypical high school, you probably noticed that there is always a (rather annoying) bell that sounds at the end of each class.

When I started high school here, I thought it was kind of cool and alternative that we didn’t have a bell. It made our school seem more laid back. But now I just find it frustrating. And by “it” I mean being let out way too late because the teachers don’t always remember when the period ends.

At first I thought maybe it was a departmental thing, but recently I have realized this happens to me in multiples of my classes across the departments. However, I have noticed a trend in timing. If it is last period, the probability of me being released late rises drastically, as does the number of minutes I’m kept late. If it is the block before gathering, I become that awkward person who hangs around in the corner because I got there so late, the one who all the teachers glare at because they thought I was trying to skip. If it’s right before lunch, sometimes the main bar has already run out of pasta and I’m stuck with whatever the other option is.

One time I had to chase down my bus because I was let out so late at the end of the day. Sometimes I get emails from Alison Nugent telling me I was marked unexcused absent when really the class right before let me out late. And often the teachers don’t want to email the teachers of our next classes to excuse us, which just ends up with me looking like a bad student. If we had a bell I wouldn’t have any of these problems.

And the best part is, I’m not the only one struggling with this unfortunate problem. Cullen T. ‘16 tells me that “teachers generally expect us to be on time, but then have no regard for our subsequent classes.” It doesn’t logically make sense, so they need to start making concessions at some point.  Kailin C. ‘16 tells me teacher’s “ age old excuse is ‘the clock doesn’t let you go, I do.’ [but] We just need a louder voice, one that can’t be silenced. Or, yah know, a bell.”

The bell would allow us to always be out on time, and there is nothing the teachers (who have tendencies to keep students late) can do about it. It would benefit not only us students, but the other teachers as well because they would never have to complain about us arriving late again. Unless of course there was traffic on the roads or in the halls or you happened to see your friend or needed a snack from the vending machine. Then students would still be late. But oh well. A bell would solve at least one problem.

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