The Life Of An Injured OESian

by Lewis B.

I was recently injured. I tore my rotator cuff skiing, and now I am in a sling. When I came to school on the next Monday, people noticed.

First, my friends asked me what happened, and why I was in a sling, and I was happy to tell them the whole entire story of exactly how it happened. Then when I went to my first class, my teachers and classmates asked me what happened as well. I got tired of telling the story, so I shortened it to “I had a skiing accident” and finally just “skiing.”

A few days into my first week of injury, I was approached by Colleen Shoemaker. She engaged me in conversation for about 5 minutes, asking me if I was going to be OK, if I needed someone to carry my backpack around for me, and if I needed someone to take notes for me. I decided against having someone carry my stuff and do my work for me, but it was nice to know that the school cared.

My elective this semester is instrumental music, and I play guitar. My injury means that I can’t play anymore, but Adam Steele and Jeff Hornick let me just sit there and join in with what I can.

The whole entire point is that OES is very accommodating to folks who are injured, so keep up the good work.

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