6 Ways The ShinDig Is Hotter Than George Clooney

by Graham O.

It’s that time of year again. The Shindig, which has been around since, well, since forever, really, is upon us once again. There will be music! There will be eggs! There will be water guns! But most importantly, there will be yearbooks. Of course, this isn’t enough to entice everyone into attending (you smug elitists). Here are 6 reasons why you should come to the Shindig.

1. Ice Cream

That’s right– we have ice cream. If this isn’t enough incentive, maybe you need to lower your standards. Have you ever seen George giving people free ice cream?

2. Yearbooks

Yes, it’s true. This is the one and only place where you will get your yearbook. If you love your friends and classmates, you will come to the Shindig.

3. Peer Pressure

Face it– everyone who’s cool goes to Shindig. You don’t want to be a nerd, do you?

4. Sick Beats

Believe it or not, the man, the myth, the legend, DJ B-Dollaz Get-the-billz (Bradley Crislip ‘15) will be attending. Naturally, he will be DJing along with his sidekick, the Fresh Princess of Isabellair (Isabella Waldron ‘15).

5. It’s A Rare Event

The Shindig only comes around once a year. You can do homework/play videogames/waste your life anytime, but you can only go to the Shindig a maximum of 108 times (Oldest person ever = 122. Average age of entering high school = 14. 122 – 14 = 108).

6. It’s Jep Robertson’s Birthday

Also, while it’s not directly stated, the ShinDig is actually a birthday party for ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Jules Jeptha Robertson. You wouldn’t want to upset Jep, would you?

Now, I’m no expert on George Clooney, but I’m pretty sure that George doesn’t have any of these things. Now do your best to quell your excitement, and head over to the Shindig from 3-5 today after school.

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