The Other Side Of The Story: From Policy Board, With Love

by Abe Asher

You don’t like policy board that much.

That was made clear enough by the last Presidential election, in which an outsider candidate running something of an insurgency, anti-establishment campaign won — beating out several  sitting members of Student Council.

The election result of two weeks ago was the exclamation point on what has been a tough year. In short, policy board has gotten kicked around — not just in the election, not just by the winning candidate of that election, but throughout the school, where the reputation and reception of the board is lukewarm at best, and dismissive at worst.

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Goodbye To The Dig’s Seniors

by Isabele R. + Graham O.

Liam W.

Liam W. the heartbeat of the senior class. Liam has been a student at OES since before he was born. He didn’t even know it. Liam W. has brought charisma to OES that nobody ever even asked for, and no one is sure that they like it. Throughout his career at OES, Liam has been an avid member of our community and a much less avid member of The Dig.

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How OES Decided To Renovate The Lower School

by Graham O.

The recent groundbreaking of the new Lower School building is undoubtedly one of the coolest things to happen this year. The Lower School is the only section of OES that hasn’t had a major upgrade since OES settled into Garden Home-Whitford.

But one has to ask, what’s the process that we had to go through to get this awesome project going? I interviewed Mo Copeland, the Head of School, and found out.

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by Simon M.

This is my last article for the Dig.

Reasons why I’m writing this article:

1. Kara said I have to write this to get an activity credit.

2. I have nothing else to write about. I think everyone at OES should try the Dig out at least once. We might seem serious ever since we went under the ‘civics’ section of OES activities but in many ways we are as far away from ‘civics’ as can be. This activity has been just a complete blast.

I’m really going to miss Brad C. next year, I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to live without Brad’s charisma. If you’ve ever felt side or mad about anything just go to Brad he will light up your day, that’s a promise. Brad if you’re reading this please become a Super senior and stay with us.

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Farewell to the 2014-2015 Year

by Peter B.

Dear OES,

There have been some great times this year. The ShinDig was a huge success. It was a mess, but it was one of the best messes I’ve been a part of in a while. Liam W. ‘15 put on an out-of-this-world egg toss, we had Bradley C. ‘15 playing some music, and we had a water fight courtesy of Graham O. ‘18. The yearbook staff also gave out yearbooks. These yearbooks were a very high quality.

Because I’m a freshman, nobody reads my articles, but I had a great time in the Dig. I was able to release my inner writing self every 2 ½ weeks. I could have posted more articles, but procrastination usually got the better of me. I also met the best friend I’ve ever had in my entire life, Abe A. ‘16. Abe and I have always been close. When I was not fulfilling my quota, Abe helped me finish by aggressively motivating me to get my job done. I don’t think he prefers our close friendship, but a friendship is the only boat that never sinks (although ours is pretty close).

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Almost Summertime

by Elie. D.

As the year draws to a close, people are understandably looking towards summer rather than back on the year. Though it’s the end of this year, it really serves as more of a beginning to most. It’s the beginning of summer. School no longer feels like school. People are goofing off and doing what they want. Most classes are just work periods or review days. I’ve heard some English 11 classes are getting root beer floats (mine isn’t).

The customary traditions that signify the end of the school year are going down; the shin dig, the ice cream drop, the senior prank, tryouts for music and trivia masters. We are having our last chapel and our last gatherings. It’s our last days in activity and our last days in our classes. We are making sure everyone of importance signs our yearbooks. We are shopping for summer clothing and waiting to be able to go to the beach. I love this time of year (but I love it a lot more when it is actually sunny and warm out). I love the laid back vibes and sunglasses on everyone’s heads. Bright summer prints and flip flops. I hate the over-air conditioned classrooms that require I still bring a hoodie to school, though. I love eating lunch outside and pretending I’m getting tan. I love driving with my windows down and walking barefoot.

Sometimes I worry I won’t make it through finals week, but putting it in perspective, I’ve a) done this before and b) will be done in less than two weeks. More like a week and a half. I will make it, it’s so close. And come summer I can do whatever I want and don’t have to worry about getting my homework done or writing that paper and that is arguably one of the best feelings ever. It’s a little sad because I’ll probably see all my friends less. Everyone ends up super busy even though I don’t, so I might be a little lonely, but overall, summer is undeniably better.

The Worst Two Hours

by Elie D.

You are sitting in one of those metal chairs every school has. The back is at the wrong angle to support you, so you don’t use it, instead hunching over the table, your spine curved to the point where it aches. The ache echoes the one in your butt from sitting on that stupid chair for so long. Your hand has been gripping your pencil for so long that it’s cramped. Speaking of your pencil, you’ve worn down the tip to a stub and it’s really starting to bother you. You switch the pencil to the other hand, stretching out your writing one; widening it out and curling it up to a fist, shaking it repetitively like a dog shaking water.

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