Proletariat Planning Committee Creates Statue of Star of Dawn, Great Leader Mo Copeland

A massive grassroots effort by the student body has manifested itself in glorious copper.  Through the will of the student body and its planning committee a statue was commissioned and erected over the weekend to cheers and applause from those students lucky enough to witness the ceremony. Our Great Leader released a statement thanking for student body, but also issued a warning that all work quotas must still be maintained.

Sovereign of Schedules, the Illustrious Deri Bash also commented on the statue, saying:

“This is the kind of effort we expect from an obedient student; positive energy towards the glory of the school, not pointless attempts at resistance”

We at the Dig, the only authorized news source, highly encourage all law abiding citizens to prostrate themselves before that statue at their earliest convenience.  Failure to do so will result in severe penalties.  Attempting to touch the statue is expressly forbidden, but students desperate to show their respects are encourage to lay flowers and salute.

Always Watching for your safety

The Aardvark Dig

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