Is Deb Wrong? NO!

Students of the #1 private school in Oregon, this question has been resonating through the vile underbelly of our beloved institution. These dirty words, spilling from the lips of those who do not believe in quality education for all, are a poison that is permeating the wondrous minds which are being nurtured at Oregon Episcopal School. This question is an affront to everything this school stands for. The leadership team were given their titles due to their abilities. We can trust that their judgment is what is best. You know this to be true. As students, we rely on our administration. Trust, connection, and faith are the three keys to community. Our hearts and minds must be aligned.

Let me tell you a story. There once was a school in the Northeast. It was renowned, beautiful, compact. Some called it perfect. Some called it wonderful. When they left for the fabulous institutions that awaited them after high school, they returned as alumni, bearing gifts to help the school prosper. The school was a machine, and the students were the cogs. Working with the administration, they were able to create a learning environment that outsiders looked in on and called “paradise.”

But a poison infiltrated the school. Like a plague carried by the rats, words of dissatisfaction crept through the institution with fingertips of shadow. Ungrateful, selfish, callow students; traitors to the glorious educational paradise created at this ideal institution. They spread lies about the school that gave its heart and soul for them. Although the leadership team rallied the students to combat the infection, they were unsuccessful in stopping the plague of vile thoughts, and the beautiful school had to close its hallowed doors. Only one member of the leadership team was able to retain employment, finding it at our doors. Three years ago, CT Henry arrived at our school. Ask him. You will learn what happens to schools that do not trust, connect, and have faith in their community.

Students, please. Do not let our school, your home, degrade into the madness of shadows that took our sister institution. When the leadership team is questioned, do your duty. Report the dissenter to your nearest educational instructor. Decapitate the snake before it bites. Lock the doors before the intruder sneaks in. Defend your castle. Defend your home. Our hearts and minds must be aligned.

OES above all.

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