by Simon M.

This is my last article for the Dig.

Reasons why I’m writing this article:

1. Kara said I have to write this to get an activity credit.

2. I have nothing else to write about. I think everyone at OES should try the Dig out at least once. We might seem serious ever since we went under the ‘civics’ section of OES activities but in many ways we are as far away from ‘civics’ as can be. This activity has been just a complete blast.

I’m really going to miss Brad C. next year, I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to live without Brad’s charisma. If you’ve ever felt side or mad about anything just go to Brad he will light up your day, that’s a promise. Brad if you’re reading this please become a Super senior and stay with us.

Same goes to Liam W. and his just general attitude at life. I believe it is impossible to feel anything but joy when around Liam. I do not think there has ever been a day in Liam’s life where he has not been enthusiastic about life. I think Brad and Liam have the best combinations of laughs in history, it is just beautifully harmonic and that is something we are all going to miss.

Except for Kara. Kara just gets grumpy when students have fun during activity (hopefully I’m not on the bad sad of the grade dean, that could end badly). Of course we’ll all miss Abe and his subtle yet genuinely hilarious jokes in his mellow voice. Abe’s jokes always take me a second to understand because they’re very subtle but his jokes will make you laugh like no other.

I’m also suppose to mention a little bit about ROF so I guess I will. ROF was a great experience. I got to make the playlist which was fun because I got to see what type of music people like to listen to. Towards the end when the playlist ended I just got to play whatever people requested and it was hilariously awesome watching Brad and his gang singing to different Kanye songs.

Oh I forgot to mention that I got owned by Jordan E. and it was the funniest thing that’s ever been said to me by an adult ever.

Setting up the scenario I may or may not have played several songs with cursing (on accident, I switched songs when I heard them I promise) and after the third song in a row that had a curse word I paused the music and tried to recuperate myself and the music. I look up and Jordan E. says “KEEP TRYING SIMON” and the table of scary seniors like Daniel S. and Matt S. glare at me and then burst out into laughter.