Bye, Guys

by Patrick M.

Both Abe and I started at the Dig only a year and a half ago, when JSA stopped for the winter trimester. I had been planning to go back to JSA for the spring, but things didn’t happen that way. I got hooked.

I’m thankful for the way this year turned out. I’m proud of how much we got done: the Dig has more readers than ever before. We’ve reported on and even incited our fair share of controversies. We’ve made people laugh (often), made people cry (occasionally), and made people dissolve into pools of liquid rage (more often than we would like).

Thanks to Kara and Abe for tolerating my many absences in this second semester. I wish I could have been more involved and more reliable than I was–I suppose all one can do is try, and I was trying. Abe did an amazing job picking up the slack, and I am sure he’s going to lead wonderfully next year.