Farewell to the Soccer Seniors

by Annika L.

I am writing a farewell piece to the soccer seniors that have affected me in some way, and expressing how much I will miss them. I am going to be thanking them in order from the first time I met them to now.

First, I’d like to thank you guys for making the running that Scot made us do slightly less miserable.

Emi: Thank you for being super supportive while being assertive (thank you Lily for countering that assertion with a compliment or motivational phrase! You guys are a great combo!). You helped me improve so much in both soccer and basketball and I can not thank you enough. I will miss you more than you know!!!

Catherine: You are such a talented athlete and I hope you have tons of fun playing college soccer besides the insane amount of running you do! Thank you for not judging me the night at the beach trip (I was very tired)! You pushed me so much in soccer season and inspired me to try my hardest on and off the field. I will miss gossiping with you during free period! just kidding gossiping is bad don’t do it!!

Lily: LILLLYYYYY. You are such a sweet little person and I’d like to thank you once more for saving my dignity when I was being attacked with criticism from a certain someone. (I’m just kidding, the criticism wasn’t at all bad or scary and I definitely needed it because I was a very confused freshman and sometimes still am!) Anyway you are an amazing athlete and I am ashamed that I don’t know what college you are going to but I often don’t remember names of thing very easily. Any way I hope you have fun at _____ College and I will miss you sooo much!

Alex: Thank you for helping me out the first game where I played center defense! It was very scary and I had no idea what I was doing but you helped me through that and I cannot thank you enough! I’d also like to thank you for helping me in basketball because you were the most encouraging role model I could possibly have. Although you might think I’m weird when I smile at you in the halls I will miss you so much!

Carolyn: You are SO good at soccer! I hope you have an amazing time at college and good luck with your soccer — I heard you have about ten practices every day! That’ll be fun! You’ll do amazing! Thanks for making me look good in high school season and helping me improve!! I will miss you so much!