Goodbye To The Dig’s Seniors

by Isabele R. + Graham O.

Liam W.

Liam W. the heartbeat of the senior class. Liam has been a student at OES since before he was born. He didn’t even know it. Liam W. has brought charisma to OES that nobody ever even asked for, and no one is sure that they like it. Throughout his career at OES, Liam has been an avid member of our community and a much less avid member of The Dig.

Dig faculty advisor Kara Tambellini wonders if Liam still even registered for this activity. Nevertheless, we will miss Liam and Bradley’s soothing duets and remixes in the Dig…and without their pubescent voices filling the room 80 classroom…maybe next year we will actually write something. He laughed at everything, and we couldn’t help but laugh too. To Liam we say: shine on, and farewell.

Abe A.

Contrary to popular belief, Abe A. is not, in fact, a senior; although he carries himself higher than any upperclassman in OES history. He serves as a sort of dictator of the Dig despite the barely noticeable ‘class of 2016’ branded across his ever-furrowed brow. We look forward to Abe’s graduation in 2016.

Bradley C.

Peter B: He’s talkative. Cool. I don’t know.

Johnny S: “How would you describe Bradley?” *long pause* I don’t know.

Kara T: “How would you describe Bradley?” *Kara looks around* Is he gone?

He’s a force of nature.

Bradley joined the OES community in 7th grade. During his years at OES, he has served as Music Master, been the founding father of our Tolf Geam, and done pretty much everything they tell you not to do in Health and Wellness class. His best buddy is fellow senior Liam W. He has been described as “a bit too comfortable in his own skin.” He’s a huge Daniel Powter fan, as you may have noticed during his morning Music time. Bradley wowed us with his wide ranging musical taste. Bradley continued to shock and horrify us with his seemingly endless stream of articles written in all caps during his last leagues as an Aardvark Digger. We don’t wanna say goodbye to you Brad… so we’ll just say goodnight.

Patrick M.

Patrick has been a member of the OES community since he was a wee little Freshman. He has been very involved in the Mock Trial thing. He was a captain of our Cross Country team. His favorite week was when he had to juggle Mock Trial with his Captain duties AND his Dig editing responsibilities. During 2nd semester, he fell ill with a severe case of senioritis, which heavily affected his motivation to do anything. He would like to thank everyone in The Dig for making it a fantastic year.

To all of the seniors on The Dig,

Go out into the world and wreck havoc five million times more than you have in room 80: A.K.A. The Dig Room. Maybe we will miss you.

Goodbye Seniors!