Hello again, loyal readers. I’d like to start out by apologizing from my long absence from the Aardvark Dig. Foolishly, I strayed from the path of my assigned activity and thought that I could pursue interests other than the area I am most productive in, which is analyzing literature. As any good OES student can tell you, productivity is all, and learning is all. Thank you to Kara Tambellini, Oracle of Truth, for opening my eyes to my need to return to the Dig.

Secondly, I am required to tell you that, in the past, some of my articles have contained misinformation. I assure you that discipline has occurred and I will no longer mislead my fellow students. I want to extend my apologies for my weak mind and disdainful heart, and from now on I promise to provide only Truth.

Today I’ll be helping out any juniors who are planning to take Shakespeare in the World next year, summarizing Othello and providing some of my own commentary for those students whose designation is outside of the English department. I must remind you that this information is by no means intended as a substitution for reading the actual play. The Aardvark Dig does not condone use of Sparknotes, Cliffsnotes, or other learning aids.