Sophomore Year

by Alden F.

The rumors of sophomore year being the greatest year in the foreseeable future, which for some is longer than others, is correct.

This year I can still have fun, but I am not new to everything. And according to Petie W. and others, “girls just wanna have fun”. A lot of people in my grade are discovering that they may be legally allowed to drive. This is a scary thought for me because a lot of my classmates are too short to reach the pedals. You know who you are.

A lot of people want to make a big deal out of their 16th birthday, which for a lot of my classmates is this year. I would like to start by saying that I don’t understand the concept of a ‘sweet sixteen’.

I also don’t understand why 16 gets to have some sort of priority over numbers like 24 or 87.  HOW DO YOU THINK 24 FEELS?

While inanimate numbers like 24 don’t have feeling, sophomore year is still pretty cool.

I am certain that this year will involve more trips to the vending machine and less stressing over homework. However, the year is young and I have no idea how nice it will be mid-April when the days start to get really long.

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