Update On The Future Of Petie W.

by Petie W.

Yes, I will confirm the many news claims that I am in fact returning to The Dig.

Abe gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. To make a long story short, I now have the coveted position of “Treasurer of the Dig.” I have also declared myself 5th in command. So if something happens to all the editors and Kara and there is a pressing Dig issue, you all know who to call.

My first article is about the ridiculously talented JV soccer team.

Last year I wrote about JV2 soccer. Contradicting common predictions that I would not make the huge leap to JV this year, I did it. The coach’s name is Adam, I call him “Ad” and even “Addie” when I’m feeling a little crazy. Addie marches to the beat of his own drum. If I had to choose one celebrity look alike for him it would definitely be the legendary Tim Riggins.


The first guy I will talk about is “Aidan Big Country White.” Only I call him Big Country though. Aidan has what we call in the soccer business “a good foot for kicking soccer balls”. Also he is a lefty. Not sure if that is still cool these days.

I’ve got to bring up Jack M. Dude is just a stud. I don’t know if Jack has ever done anything wrong. I’ve got no intel on his soccer abilities though.

Luke S. is a bit of a wild card. Luky is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatchur gonna get.

These are just a couple shooting stars from JV, I highly recommend checking out some games (if I am playing at that time).

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