Candidate Statement

by Rachael H.

My name is Rachael Haugh, and I am a senior running for the education seat on Policy Board.

I am not running without experience in the OES community: I have been a member of both the extreme study hall and science research activities. I have also dedicated the majority of my past three summers to the AASK program, helping to mentor and educate students from grades five through eight.

I love working with education and have found OES to be a place where education is absolutely taken to the next level. For my entire upper school career I have been focusing on improving my abilities in communicating with large groups of people, in making sure that the needs of individuals are met, and in giving a voice to all concerns of prospective groups.

As your education representative, I will be sure to bring to the attention of policy board any critiques or suggestions there may be within the community. I will be the advocate for positive change within OES. Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember to vote Haugh!

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