Student Affinity Groups

by Isabele Riser

There is a new affinity group on the rise. Partnering with Black Student Union (BSU), Nathan C. and Faculty Representative and sponsor Jordan Elliott are creating a white identity development group: Exploring Whiteness, (EW). I spoke with Nathan C., Regina L., and Sydney G. about the purpose of these groups, what we will be seeing of them in the future, and how we as students can approach and better understand their work.

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Why Teachers Do What They Do

by Petie Wogan

Apparently writing two, back-to-back articles with actor Eric Chandler playing a central role, is not what’s “hip” and “cool” these days. Top dogs like Abe Asher love to take all the glorious and controversial articles, leaving me no choice but to write some beautiful pieces on classic shows that we all love.

This time around I’m writing an extremely serious and righteous article that will most likely have no more mentions of Friday Night Lights or Bloodline (although I standby the beauty of Eric Chandler and both of those shows).

I thought it would be interesting to delve into the life of a teacher and see what he or her used to do before OES.

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LGBTQ Issues and Experiences At OES

by Abe Asher

As a followup to this year’s Spectrum chapel, which took place two weeks ago, I asked members who participated in the chapel to share their thoughts on the culture around LGBTQ issues in the OES community — the progress it’s made, the work it still needs to do, and everything in between. Their thoughts are below, organized by topic, lightly edited for clarity. Contributors include Mark F., Henry T., and faculty advisor John Holloran.

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by Elie Doubleday

… until November 1st or 15th when (for a lot of us seniors) our first applications are due. ED and EA deadlines are nice because you hear back sooner, but it’s a rough process. Isabella W. ‘16 told me “I forgot how to sleep peacefully for the last three months. Also, I’ve made a new friend with the Talenti Gelato section because it’s there to comfort me.” November 1st really sneaks up on you. It seemed so far away last week…

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The Fall [Fiction]

The Fall

by Rory O’Hollaren

Fresh Voice Award, Echoes Writing Contest

January 2015

“One word,” I demanded, surveying the classroom. “Go.” The students ranged from four foot eleven to six foot four, from eighty-five pounds to two hundred. I could read each of them like a billboard. I probably already knew more about each of them than they knew about themselves. “Go on,” I said again.

The short freckled boy at the front of the room spoke first. “Friends.” The responsibility of words passed around the circle like a hot rock, no one wanting to be caught with it.  Read More »

Requiem for the OAL

by Thomas Pinkava

The underclassmen of today do not remember the glorious shine of the Open Access Lab, for it was two years ago that it was swallowed by the darkness (the 1:1 laptop program) and became the haunt of unnatural beasts (such as the dread lord Peter Buonincontro, moral stanchion of OES). Its computers were moved, its chairs and tables were repurposed, and infernal devices of the theatre sprang up like poisonous mushrooms after a rain. But all was not lost.

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Back to the Future!

by Peter Bloch

As most teens do at some point in their lives (and often more than once), I was binge watching one of my favorite movie sagas of all time. This epic, one of the best Sci-Fi stories of all time, is the Back to the Future trilogy. Before continuing this article, I would like to add that it contains spoilers. I truly recommend watching all three main films before reading the rest of this article.

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