College Websites

by Alex Finley

Hello fellow college enthusiasts, my name is Alex Finley and I am the resident cyber college expert for the Dig. I have reviewed a selection of five colleges from around the world; virtual and otherwise. I have ranked them out of ten points for a variety of categories and requirements. The colleges I reviewed are ITT Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oregon, Cambridge and Brigham Young University.

ITT Tech

For a school that is primarily online, ITT Tech delivers what can be expected of it. The categories are clear and readable, not causing much confusion. Upon immediately looking at the ITT Tech website, Simon M comments that, “[he] doesn’t like the unfocused background” and the grids behind the cover picture, “makes it seem that they [ITT Tech] didn’t want to pay the full price for the picture.” I feel that his comments perfectly sum up the website: it looks great on the surface, but further observation reveals some cut corners. As a website cut out of a template, ITT Tech is perfect, and yet it lacks originality. I give it a hesitant 6/10.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

My immediate reaction was one of confusion. Despite the generally pleasing pastel colors that make up the MIT logo and site background, the scientific spotlight in the middle of the page surrounded by links was overwhelming and intimidating. The website itself feels somewhat constraining as scrolling down is not supported and causes the screen to bounce offensively. The website almost suggests a lack of freedom at the school. In fact, it almost feels anti-american, due to its lack of freedom concerning scrolling and the equal opportunity of every web link. I give MIT a 3/10.

University of Oregon

Upon opening the homepage for the University of Oregon, I was moved with the beauty and simplicity of the homepage. Blinking back tears, I gazed at the high definition picture of an Oregon field, gracefully topped by five basic categories. All the things I could ever want to know about the University of Oregon is only a click away. The simple color scheme in combination with the high quality images combine into the best college website I’ve seen yet. Due to its ease of use and beautiful formatting, I give the University of Oregon a 9.5/10.


With awe, I gaze at the scrolling panels and pretty pictures on the main screen. With a glance, I see that all the important links are grouped at the top into three basic blocks: Study at Cambridge, About the University and Research at Cambridge. When I finally decided to scroll downwards, I realize with glee that Cambridge’s website contains more images and categories to look at. Since I am reviewing the website, and not its content, I very much enjoyed the basic rectangular patterns and the black, blue and white theme of the website. I give Cambridge an 8/10.

Brigham Young University

The first thing that comes to eye is blurry text. Why would you make the text on your website blurry for any reason? Even the title is blurry. I cannot stand the Brigham Young University website because of that text and refuse to review any more. BYU gets a 1/10

Decide for yourself:

ITT Tech:





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