Aardvark Political Polling: Can We Predict the Future?

by Peter Bloch

Recently, a poll has been tested on 19 of our own registered voter Aardvarks, and the results are in. I would like to first preface this article by letting our own Cyrus Johannes know that he is and will always be our supreme leader. That aside, he is not eligible for the election of our next President of the United States of America, so we must find a suitable replacement.

Small amounts of people declared they would be voting for either Donald Trump, or Carly Fiorina, suggesting that we have a large Democratic population among us. 69% of our own voting Aardvarks said that Bernie Sanders was going to get their vote. When asked why they were voting for him, I got some interesting responses. Harrison Nye said: “I’m feelin’ the Bern!” The Dig’s own Johnny S. commented that he was voting for Bernie “because he’s a man of the people,” and that Johnny “donated $3 to his campaign yesterday.”

On a more intellectual note, Josh C. claims he is voting because he is “the most fiscally conservative.” Johnny S. is voting for Bernie Sanders because his “platform hasn’t been altered by the media.” I like these views because they prove that in addition to supporting a candidate, they are educated in what their candidate stands for, and what they promise for America.

Our largest problem in OES, as far as voting goes, is the lack of knowledge on voting. Of the people I polled, 36% of registered voters are choosing not to vote, or are unsure. It is important that that number shrinks to an ideal 0%. Those 36% could be the determining factor of the future of this country, and without 36% of our voters in America, the outcome of the next election could be drastically changed.

To conclude, I would like to lead by saying that this article is in no way political propaganda. Also, I applaud the people voting for someone unique or unpopular by the mass a whole. Bernie Sanders seems to be the popular vote for OES, but we wish all candidates good luck in their quests for greatness. Our school population needs to have every registered voter be voting to help out the great nation we live in. We can make a difference. God bless America!

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