My Life as a Star Athlete (a joke)

by Isabella Waldron

As homecoming approaches, I’ve been thinking about the role of sports in my life. I myself have never been considered a “star athlete.” I tried soccer in second through fifth grade and was objectively worse than anyone else who has ever played soccer (see attached photo). Once, I elbowed a girl acciden977384_10152018107952311_1793525911_o (1)tally and then felt bad, so I gave her the ball and she got a goal. The most exciting part of the game for me was half time when I got to eat fruit snacks and sit down.

My sports career took a deep tumble in middle school when I was forced to play discus at a track meet and received a whopping 43rd out of 45th place. The 45th player did not show up.

My star moment in JV2 volleyball was when a ball hit my head and scored a point, to which the coach yelled, “Way to use your head, Isabella!” That was the only game my parents came to and they left in hysterical laughter on my inability to play organized sports.

Needless to say, I have struggled in finding how I fit into sports. I don’t really follow them on TV, and I certainly can’t play them. But, in my final year at OES, I have figured out my place in school sports. I am the spirited supporter. I can dress up for a blackout or wear an OES shirt like the best of them. I can sit in the bleachers and cheer really, really loudly. Whether or not I fully understand the game and what I’m cheering for stands to be seen, but, boy, will I cheer when everyone else does! I will happily eat those questionable hot dogs they sell at homecoming and get turf in my shoes to support those that are more coordinated than I am.

Despite my hindrances, homecoming is actually one of my favorite events at OES. Those that can’t play (me) can finally accept their place as an excited fan. I enjoy myself every year and I think my knowledge of soccer has increased more in watching homecoming games than in the four years that I played. I just try not to sit too close to the field…too many memories.

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