Men’s Varsity Soccer vs. Riverdale

By Alden F.

‘Twas a sunny Monday evening when the OES varsity boy’s soccer team was set to kickoff against Riverdale at Lewis and Clark college. On the bus ride to the field, one player’s mind was not fully on the task at hand. Alex “Shin” W. was blabbering on about how funny it would be if Donald Trump was the president. Others were talking about the dankness of their fantasy football teams. Some players were also trying to get Alex “Shin” W.’s input on trades and other players that he thought were the best sleeper picks. Coach David Rosenberg hushed all side conversation with a brief pep talk about the task at hand, saying, “To make sure we are still playing two and a half weeks from now, we need to make sure we get a result tonight.”

Once we got on the pitch, players got into their usual warm-up routine, lead by captains Jared C. and Jon D. The warm-ups were looking a little slow, as they are for most 4:30 games. Jon D. was doing all he could to get the energy level up while Jared C. was off doing goalkeeper things.

The first half was off to a good start when when Cal S. scored the first goal of the evening in the 14th minute. Josh W. almost broke the back of the net when he scored his first varsity goal in the 20th minute/ In the 25th minute Paxton L. scored his first varsity  goal off a rebound to put the ‘varks up 3-0. The half started to draw to a close and we realized that Riverdale was starting to make some stupid fouls.

The second half was rather uneventful other than the fact that the refs started to favour the other team’s theatrical behavior

The good guys ended up winning 3-0 and the focus shifted to the next game on Friday Vs. Catlin  

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