Arts and Literature Introduction

For writers and artists alike who have been searching for an opportunity to publish to the Dig but were never quite sure how, there is a new opportunity on the horizon! The Dig, in conjunction with the Creative Writing and Publishing Activity, is planning to regularly publish student work under the tag Arts and Literature. We will be publishing a variety of student writing and art, including nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and script/playwriting.

Submissions will be vetted and selected by the Creative Writing and Publishing Activity before being published in the Aardvark Dig. To submit, follow this link ( and fill out the form for your art and literature. By submitting to this, you are agreeing to publish your work under the Arts and Literature tag on the Aardvark Dig.

Following this post you will find a selection of student work posted on the site with the brackets [Poem], [Fiction], [Script], or [Feature] with work from the Creative Writing and Publishing Activity.