Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Spirit Squad has reached out to The Dig to begin a new feature: Student of the Week. They will be picking different student athletes each week and providing The Dig with some fun information about their selected students.

Here is their first edition:


The male Student of the Week is Ben Kilo. He is affectionately known as “Ken Bilo” by some of his closest friends. Not only does Ben get it done in the class room, but he is a true leader on the soccer field. Ben had his first varsity goal against Catlin Gabel, at our very own homecoming. Two weeks later he stunned the crowd with a goal in the first 45 seconds! Ben is known as a master jokester and his favorite colors are red, green and purple.

Volleyball 2105-79

Our female student of the week is Grace McGee. As captain of the volleyball team, she is the on court leader, playing in the setter position, as well as all around the court. Last week, she helped push the team to victory against Catlin Gabel. She is not only a superstar volleyball player but is also great in the classroom, especially in the science lab. She is committed to play volleyball at Connecticut College, but she also plays lacrosse, and tennis. Her favorite TV show is Lost. She loves doing community service and fine dining. Someday she hopes to have a degree in biochemistry and Spanish.

—Spirit Squad

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