by Elie Doubleday

… until November 1st or 15th when (for a lot of us seniors) our first applications are due. ED and EA deadlines are nice because you hear back sooner, but it’s a rough process. Isabella W. ‘16 told me “I forgot how to sleep peacefully for the last three months. Also, I’ve made a new friend with the Talenti Gelato section because it’s there to comfort me.” November 1st really sneaks up on you. It seemed so far away last week…

Everyone is at different levels of panic over this date and everything due. We have to make sure our applications are done and our essays are as good as they’re going to get. We have to flesh out our activities lists and make them sound as impressive as possible. We have to rack our brains for any academic awards we might have. We have to take the SAT or the ACT or subject tests sometimes multiple times to get the highest score (which honestly gets harder every time you take it because you get burned out). Every college we’re applying to has their own question sets and sometimes essays we have to complete and complete well. And we have to meet with Paula as often as possible which is hard when every other senior shares your free period. We have “got 25 days to do 25 million things which is actually a lie hhhhhnnnnnnn” -Kailin C. ‘16.

Some people think a lot more deeply about this whole process. Yinka told me “I’ve become really stressed out and I don’t know if it will be worth it in the end. We do all this work but we don’t know if it will come out as anything in the end. If I see that rejection letter then this was pointless.” A depressing thought; something I’m just trying very hard not to think about. An anonymous senior said he’s basically “just taking [his] time and just working on whatever comes at me.” The only bright side to all this is by next Sunday, it will all be over. At least until December when we have to crack down on not just one, but all the rest of our applications. Just don’t bring it up to any seniors.

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