Why Teachers Do What They Do

by Petie Wogan

Apparently writing two, back-to-back articles with actor Eric Chandler playing a central role, is not what’s “hip” and “cool” these days. Top dogs like Abe Asher love to take all the glorious and controversial articles, leaving me no choice but to write some beautiful pieces on classic shows that we all love.

This time around I’m writing an extremely serious and righteous article that will most likely have no more mentions of Friday Night Lights or Bloodline (although I standby the beauty of Eric Chandler and both of those shows).

I thought it would be interesting to delve into the life of a teacher and see what he or her used to do before OES.

The teacher I’m interviewing is Science Teacher Rob Orr. I had Rob last year and have him once again this year in Chemistry. Rob is what we refer to in the journalism industry as a “cool dude.” Dig Editor Abe requested I write something “big” and “fresh,” so I thought who better to interview then the very tall and hip Rob? Some say he marches to the beat of his own drum, but let’s see what the legendary Rob has to say for himself.

Me: What did you do before teaching here at OES?

Rob: I graduated college, and began teaching at a High School a couple months later.

Me: Did you like this job more or less than OES?

Rob: Mmmmm, I taught at my other school for 20 years. What I find is that this job is more sustainable, because I was assigning 100 page long papers at my other job. Leaving was kind of handy.

Me: What do you teach for? What keeps the wheels turning for you Big Rob?

Rob: I find every class of students is different. I walk in and I don’t know how it’s gonna work, but it’s always new. The variety, novelty, and unexpected I find highly entertaining. When I came out here I didn’t have a job lined up, and I probably could have made more money doing anything else. But I am addicted to teaching, that’s what keeps me going.

Big Rob came in clutch with these inspirational thoughts, so if you kids out there are ever feeling down just remember that Rob and many other teachers are having fun doing their thing and you can too!

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