Gun Laws and Gun Violence

by Simon Mehari

In Kanye West’s, “Murder to excellence,” song starts off by saying, “314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago.” This statistic, that was used in West’s 2011 song, perfectly illustrates why gun laws need to be stricter. If the U.S. was to adopt the British system, we would not only decrease the number of homicides but also the amount of police killings. In Britain the general police force isn’t allowed to carry firearms, only special forces are permitted to.

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The Ability to Strike Fear The Peter B. Way

By Simon Mehari 

[Proctored: Monitored studying in the library Sunday-Thursday from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.]

Don’t forget my expectations for this evening. It could get real quiet with everyone in proctored this week.” Peter B.’s quote struck fear into every single male student in the dorms. You see, we [the boys dorm] started off the year strong. Constantly beating the girls week in and week out, always having a cleaner overall dorm. Over the past 3 weeks the guys dorm has been looking more like what my room looks like on an average day, which does not meet the health standards OES has to follow. Every possible thing that could be cleaned in the dorms needed to be spotless. The lounge, the fridge, the hallways, and most importantly individual rooms.

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Let’s Put the Matter to Rest: An AP Calculus Response

by Thomas Pinkava

For those of you who are blind, oblivious, living under a rock, or part of the English Department’s incognizance initiative, a problem or two recently arose in the matter of Calculus class. Words were thrown, people were offended, heretics were slaughtered, militaries were deployed, missiles were launched, and some very furtive glances were passed between several bearded men. Hang on — I’m thinking about something else entirely.

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