Taco Bar

By Thomas Pinkava 

We are moving to Mexico.

I assume that’s what we’re meant to believe based on the recent culinary trends that our dear Bon Appétit have been studiously trying to slip under the radar: almost every other day they replace the decent, globally aware cuisine in the international line with a subtle variation on the taco.

They can replace hard-shelled tortillas with soft-shelled varieties, they can change the size of the beef mixture by two millimeters, they can make subtle variations appear in the spices they so liberally slather over every detail, but they cannot fool us. The student body has noticed; our diet has become so radically overhauled that it’s a wonder we don’t degenerate into blobs of ground meat.

Not, of course, that there is anything inherently wrong with Mexican cuisine. The problem resides in the constant and unchanging consumption of Mexican cuisine. Yep. If one is seized by a sudden desire to stuff one’s every orifice with corn-based flatbread, the OES cafeteria is the place to go. That’s not the most ideal recommender for Bon Appétit; for all the hard work they put into making the OES meals the best they can be, and in spite of their other dishes (which are often excellent), they’ll still be remembered by students as ‘that cafeteria that only served tacos’.

Is this the beginning of some dark new culinary trend? Are these tacos the seeds of degenerate cuisine? Is this movement a result of the decriminalization of stuffing one’s every orifice with corn-based flatbread?

We may never know. And get that tortilla out of your ear.

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