Australian Exchange Students

by Elie Doubleday

‘Ello matey

The Australian exchange students, Bridey L., Kelsey M., and Michael C., are visiting us this month. I have met with them about the weirdest things they’ve observed at OES and around Portland.


  1. There is no recess
  2. School starts at 8:00am (they start at 9:00am)
  3. We have different ages/grades in each class
  4. Reed H.  
  5. No bells to signify the change of classes
  6. We take our backpacks into class (they just their carry books everywhere)
  7. People are allowed to have gum in class, including the teachers
  8. We call our teachers by their first names (except for the few exceptions…)
  9. No consistent time tables (in terms of switching classes. Our schedule is confusing!)
  10. No school uniforms (we can be casual (we wear uggs!) and we have lots of diversity in how we dress)
  11. We have a ropes course on campus
  12. Language (the way we speak): no one abbreviates anything (e.g. bugger, g’day)
  13. Art is encouraged in school (it’s non-existent back in Australia)
  14. We allow food and drinks in class
  15. We have a synthetic soccer field


  1. We drive on wrong side of road
  2. We have 4 story houses
  3. No Holden (a car company)
  4. We wear Berks with socks
  5. There was a bloke in a kilt and darth vader mask riding a unicycle playing bagpipes that shot flames
  6. Our weather: constantly cloudy
  7. Our trees are different: they’re pointy!
  8. All our massive stores (Nike Employee store, Powell’s City of Books)
  9. We call CBD downtown
  10. We don’t use the metric system or Celsius (because America is just weird)

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