The Nourishment of our Souls

by Alex Finley

Food: it drives our lives and our minds. All chordates absorb nutrients through ingestion and require these nutrients to live, think, and survive. Activities like creative writing require immense amounts of mental focus and therefore extra food to fuel the creative fire. Thus the question is raised: why does the Aardvark Dig not provide snacks to her writers?

Without writers such as myself and Simon, who make up the backbone of the newspaper, the Aardvark Dig would collapse into disrepair. Moral seems to be degrading rapidly each week, with more people every Thursday begging for nourishment. One might think that nobody in the Aardvark Dig ever consumes breakfast or even dinner for that matter. Every activity period, I find my thoughts filled with hunger and I focus less and less on writing. One day, I pray, snack will be provided to sate my hunger and thereby strengthen the creativity of my mind and soul.


Faculty Advisor to the Dig suggests Alex eat his Wheaties in the morning.

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