All-School Emails

by Petie Wogan

As all of the Upper Schoolers know who check their inboxes know, the all US Students email list has recently been used frequently — for both reasonable and irrelevant reasons. A few nights ago, people started sending out some emails before the iconic Kara Tambellini stepped in and asked that everyone not clog up other people’s inboxes.

Shortly thereafter, sophomore Ben C. ironically stepped in to send an all school email to organize a lunch meeting about…all school emails.

I decided to shake things up and interview Kara herself on this topic.

Me: What do you think about this all school email debacle?

Kara: I think it’s a waste of space. I get (approximately) 50 million emails a day.”

Kara quickly added that the number 50 million was not correct and that it was off the record. However, I had to keep this in to burnish my reputation as an honest, and most importantly, controversial writer.

Ben C. held this lunch meeting a couple days ago. There was actually a good turnout. It was a bit of a frenzy, but some good points were made. For example, since the email is a chain, it actually doesn’t fill up people’s inboxes so much since it’s the same email.

Here is Alden F.’s take on the meeting: “He [Ben] was giving a good effort at taking it seriously — even though it’s not one of the schools most serious problems. It’s still there, though. I don’t think many of us were expecting the meeting to be taken that seriously. I respect him for taking it seriously, at the same time I dont think its a very serious issue.”

Kara stated the permissions could be changed for all school emails if these shenanigans continue, so expect the possibility of another lunch meeting — and, even better, another controversial article.   

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