Beard Update

by Peter Bloch

Well guys, its apparent who’s on track to win this competition, and it ain’t a pretty fight. This grow off is getting hairy and Graham is leaping tall salons ahead of me. I’m getting burned every day for it. Here are some photos to clue you all non-believers in.

The Dig’s own real-life gorilla (don’t tell the zoo that it was us on Tuesday night):


Analytically, Graham O. has made significant progress on his neckline and goatee as well as the deep sideburns. He is still struggling to make progress on his cheeks and mustache, but who am I to talk. Speaking of me, let’s take a look at my lack of talent…


My Work as an Apprentice grower:


While I may not end up at “best” quality, I can still shoot for most improved. I have a clear improvement on goatee and mustache as well as the girth of my sideburns. Hairy Peter instead of Harry Potter, am I right? My skills are improving, but I don’t ever think I’ll be as good as our guest star for this week.


Professional Consulting:


Earlier this morning, I got a good look at Cullen T. an experienced farmer who knows how to cultivate his assets into a masterpiece of hairy goodness.

Let’s be honest guys, that is one hell of a man you’re looking at. I wish I had this man’s talent, but sadly I don’t think I will ever grow up to be like him.
I have truly enjoyed sharing my (lack of) expertise and journey into the unknown beyond. As you can see, it has mind of its own, and the follies (and follicles) are completely candid and open for you to improve your own skills.

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