Grow Off Week 2 Update

By Peter Bloch

*Thomas Pinkava’s burns will not return on this installment

You know what time it is folks. That’s right, it’s the first update to my original No-Shave November piece. For those of you new to this series, the Dig’s own Graham O. and I are competing to grow out our beards in order to raise awareness for chemotherapy treatments and cancer victims.

Peter’s Feeble Attempt to Become a Man:

Days 1-4: Progress from days 5-11:

peter's beard

I haven’t shaved yet in the month of November, giving me 12 days to grow out my beard, and the thing seems to be slowly growing its way out. If you see Graham O. in the hallways, however, you will know that he is finding his success to be more tangible.

Graham’s Beard

Days 1-4: Progress from days 5-11:

graham's beard

Graham proves to be growing leaps and bounds within his quest, and it looks rather daunting on him. I would assume that his success as a parking monitor can be attributed to the great facial ornaments he is sporting. While his luscious locks might not glisten in the sunlight, they can sure scare some unsuspecting freshmen (I mean, this in good fun).


Thank you for checking up on this week’s installment of our grow-off. I apologize for the lack of hair jokes, but we’re shaving them for later. I hope that each of you enjoy your own “mo” and can join us in growing out your hair for the rest of the month.

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