Surfing the Soothing Sea [Poetry]

After Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

by Ella C.

In scaly water, through gentle breeze we paddled swift

Among the swell and soothing sigh of the dancing sea.

In front of our eyes a mountain rose, of water ready to crash,

Heavy and cold would we be washed if we had not the wits to wait.

Stretching, shrinking, sky and sea sang the shore a tune,

As sky water wisped and wept, withering the water’s skin.

The ocean goddess took pause in her beautiful song,

And through this pause of quiet we slipped,

Out unto the mirror of god, gliding above glowing depths.

Past the biting beat of the blue water’s ballad,

The voice became less bitter as waves hummed smooth.

We sat on broad boards built with much care,

And waited for the water to sing again,

So we may sneak a dance with the sensual sea.

Captured in the fabrics of her rolling, roaring dress,

We joined the ocean’s rhythm and rode her reaching wrinkles,

The thrum of her throat easing balancing bodies forward,

A hymn to hypnotize the whole world.

So side by side we slipped down slender waves,

And soared toward crashing shallows.

Like bright white horses the waves played

And pranced

As golden sky kissed our souls.

The sun sank, so stars danced,

Low clouds burned, red as coals.

Our hearts beating, our minds entranced.