The Ability to Strike Fear The Peter B. Way

By Simon Mehari 

[Proctored: Monitored studying in the library Sunday-Thursday from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.]

Don’t forget my expectations for this evening. It could get real quiet with everyone in proctored this week.” Peter B.’s quote struck fear into every single male student in the dorms. You see, we [the boys dorm] started off the year strong. Constantly beating the girls week in and week out, always having a cleaner overall dorm. Over the past 3 weeks the guys dorm has been looking more like what my room looks like on an average day, which does not meet the health standards OES has to follow. Every possible thing that could be cleaned in the dorms needed to be spotless. The lounge, the fridge, the hallways, and most importantly individual rooms.

Normally I wouldn’t care because I somehow managed to clean my room this time. If they were to check my closets it’d be a different story. However, this weekend was different. If one student were to not participate and help the community clean up the common spaces or if someone were to fail roomcheck, then the entire dorm would be going to proctored study hall. At first I barely even acknowledged Peter’s email thinking I wouldn’t be affected. I have never been so wrong in my life. I’m sitting at dinner enjoying my meal, with Jeff D. and Jim L. across from me while Justin K. is in the background roasting some child, and I see Peter with so much swagger in his stroll.

I summon him to my feet and he rudely says, “What!?”

I replied, “In your email you were only referring to non-prefects correct?”

He laughs menacingly, “You wish. If the dorms are not clean tonight everyone will be going to proctored until it is cleaner than the girls dorm.” I look at Jeff and just start laughing. I always knew Peter was one to make jokes I just never realized how good he is at telling the truth as well. As we laugh he scolds Jeff and me, “You think I’m kidding but come tomorrow when you’re in that library you’ll see what’s so funny.”

Realizing that he is serious, I rushed back to the dorms to make sure my room was in tip-top condition. I asked Sarah G-Funk what things needed to be cleaned and, unamused with my lack of realization of how bad the dorms were, she says, “Well for starters there is a bag of melting pancakes in the fridge labeled Caffery, so get him to clean up that. Secondly, the laundry room is horrific and needs to be organized. People need to take their things and be on top of their laundry. Lastly, the guys lounge and hallways are so dirty. Find people to vacuum it up.”

For the next hour Big D. Jeff, and I frantically searched for random students to assist clean the dorms because the three of us refused to be sent back to Chris M.’s dungeon, also known as “The Upper School Library.”

Eventually nothing happened. We all carried on with our evening while Peter laid back in his reclining desk chair while drinking hot cocoa and stroking his moustache. 


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