Winter Coats

By Elie Doubleday 

When I was a freshman I didn’t want to wear a coat to school because, for whatever reason, it wasn’t cool. My mom would laugh at me and argue with me, trying to get me to take one. She thought I was an idiot. Now, I find myself going to school wearing three coats, not to mention two shirts. I am freezing all the time (I probably was back in freshman year too), and find myself unable to wear anything less than two coats within our school (except for the entryway which for some reason is always way too hot). I guess I still feel vaguely like a dork walking from my car into school and then through the great hall in my massive puffy blue coat, but at least I’m warm.

What I fail to comprehend is why kids still don’t wear coats. My question is why is it cool to not wear coats? Members of my carpool frequently don’t wear coats, yet when I pick them up in the mornings, it’s 37˚F outside. How is anyone functional? Just this morning I witnessed a middle schooler walking up from the lower lot in just his T-shirt. My sister frequently tries to leave the house with just her cardigan as her coat (she claims she doesn’t get cold). So I decided to do some investigation into winter coats (or really just coats in general, that are worn in colder weather).

Many people wear light coats, and some judge others who come in wearing full on ski jackets when it’s far above freezing (me), but people do seem to believe in coats that are the reasonable level of warmth (the real question is what is that level?). Ky B. ‘19, tells me “most of the time I will wear a big sweatshirt or smaller sweater. I think winter coats keep you very warm, but it is hard in Oregon because in the morning it is cold but it warms up throughout the day.” She makes a valid point that these huge coats are stellar in the mornings but quickly become a burden as the day progresses. They can be stylish, but are often impractical. Sara R. ‘16 wears a “coat to school almost every day; I’m sure anyone who passes me in the hallways can attest to that. There isn’t really a whole lot of stylistic thought behind it, just that I’m usually cold in class and like wearing a coat, even if it does look a tad worn and might seem like overkill.” She provides the other side of the spectrum, practicality in terms of warmth (rather than movement).

Cal S. ‘17 that “yes, I like them [coats], all types of coats except sweaters. They are very cool.” Mikaelah M. ‘16 had many opinions on coats. She says she wears “a sweatshirt almost everyday of the school year. I love coats . . . They are stellar places to hide your laugh in when a teacher says something entirely serious/sad/etc., but somehow ends up super funny, but in order to be politically correct you shouldn’t laugh.” She believes that, yes, it is cool to wear a coat because it’s not cool to walk around shivering and asking others for their coat. She does have a ranking for coats though: “hoodies are the coolest, with quarter zips in a close second. I really love the sweatshirt rainproof jacket combo, [it]  shows that you layered up and made that extra effort for your whole warm outfit to come together and color coordinate. I give them mad respect. Down jackets are cool, but not really functional. . . When one wears a sweatshirt the string must be tied in a bow. The ultimate worst is when they’re lopsided, so if someone is gonna wear a hoodie they must abide by the string rules.”

Joanna C. ‘19 said she doesn’t wear a winter coat to school, but instead generally wears a sweatshirts. She doesn’t thinks it’s “uncool to wear a winter coat, but it’s kind of impractical. Most of us don’t usually use our lockers all that much so we would then end up carrying our jackets around all day. And, because the classrooms are so cold, we would end up putting them on and then it’s too bulky.” She feels she’s not actually outside often enough to need a full on jacket, which I can understand. I do find it tough to store my abnormally large puff into my locker. From the looks of it, sweatshirts are the way to keep warm (at least for the moment). But when the weather starts dropping (more than it already has), Johnny S. ‘16 tells me the best and most stylish coats are located at Canada Goose (look it up).

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