Gun Laws and Gun Violence

by Simon Mehari

In Kanye West’s, “Murder to excellence,” song starts off by saying, “314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago.” This statistic, that was used in West’s 2011 song, perfectly illustrates why gun laws need to be stricter. If the U.S. was to adopt the British system, we would not only decrease the number of homicides but also the amount of police killings. In Britain the general police force isn’t allowed to carry firearms, only special forces are permitted to.

The U.S. currently is in an epidemic. The amount of homicides in the U.S. outways the deaths of U.S. citizens overseas in combat. People often use the phrase “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Honestly, I think those people need to be given a reality check. Gun’s original purpose was to find a way to kill other humans more effectively. When the creator of the gun invented his horrible product, it struck a surge of violence through history. Colonization, oppression, and genocide were all easier with a gun. I’m not saying that all these things wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have guns, but the fact that someone can kill 3 dozen people with several pulls of a trigger is astonishing. If you look at places like Australia that abolished household usage of guns ever since a school massacre happened and you see how gun related killings have decreased significantly, you might understand why it is so necessary.

I asked myself several questions regarding this topic.

Other nations like the UK, Australia, France, South Korea and many others with stricter gun laws and significantly less school massacres. How does it make you feel as a citizen of this nation when you look to politicians to give answers for all these senseless crimes but they still are in favor of current gun laws?

I look at these countries and I see a nation that internally has no senseless homicides. I rarely hear of mass murders or gun related deaths in these countries.

Why do you think some individuals or groups of people are so defensive when you mention strengthening gun laws to require more checks?

My understanding of getting a background check to purchase a gun is limited, but I did research how many guns you can own and the type of guns you can own, and it is ridiculous the type of firearms people are legally allowed to carry.. I think some people in our nation believe owning a gun is a sign of freedom and we are restricting people of said freedom when  we do not allow them to own guns.

What’s the turning point? When do you think America will be ready to put more restrictions on guns? Do you believe that the media is to blame on why we love guns so much or do you think it is instinctive to be more powerful than others and gun provide that sense?

There will never be a turning point. The way the media twists and turns stories make it so people feel as if they need to have a gun for self-protection. The idea of owning a gun, and the constitutional right to own a gun, is a core value of many in the United States. We tend to associate that social issue as a Republican value, but many on the left also believe fiercely in the right to bear arms. It is true that the Republican Party is usually the party that has fought more fiercely for gun rights, fewer barriers to purchasing a gun, and fewer restrictions on things like background checks before purchasing a gun.


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