Pro Tips for Final Assessments

by Peter Bloch

The reckoning has come Aardvarks. It is time for us to rally and fight our demons (Final Assessments) and prove who really knows best.

In all seriousness, however, finals are coming up on us and I sure hope that everyone is preparing to ace their tests and submit highly intellectual papers and presentations for each of their classes.

I have compiled a list of professional tips and tricks for taking finals from each of the respective department heads at OES and some additional experts in their respective fields. They all want students to make sure to eat well and sleep, but in addition, here is what they had to say:

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Hip Hop With Age

by Isabele Riser

Music fades quickly, traveling often to the back of your mental library, a year in music is minuscule, the business is fast, and often consumers of music are on to the next one after a short lived month-long-obsession with an album, song, or artist. So while 2012 feels like yesterday to some, in music years…it’s really been more of a decade. For those who are looking for new music, but a different sound, these are some songs and artists whom I would recommend listening to, and for, if nothing else, throwback’s sake.

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A Fear Epidemic

by Johnny Seabright

Recently, a lot of things have me scared. Donald Trump and his infamous proclamation on Monday that there should be a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” has me very scared of the future of our Oval Office, the brief flooding of our school has me concerned over whether or not I need to do my homework every night in hopes that John von Behren will cancel school the next day, and my last ever High School finals next week has me slightly worried.

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Anticipation Rises

by Thomas Pinkava

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The weather cools, the students roll up and down the halls screeching about finals, and Chris Myers arrives at school wearing various sweaters that defy all previous understanding of the term ‘tacky’.

It’s a time for peace, joy, and compassion for the entire world. As winter sets in, the most important celebration of the year draws near. Anticipation mounts for the Most Magical Day of all, a festival where all mankind should come together and rejoice in one of our most ancient and sacred traditions.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, I’m talking about Nogfest.
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Global Viewpoint -– The Admissions Process

by Jeff Dong

As an international student residing in the dorm, the process of dorm student enrollment has always been interesting to me.

During the week of November 18th, I had the privilege of speaking with both heads of the OES Admission Office, Susie Gundle and Jen Bash. The whole meeting lasted for about forty minutes, primarily focusing on the recent issues on diversity and OES international promotion.

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A Dud Flood

by Petie Wogan

The recent flooding has been quite the saga in the past couple days. Even though the rain has not let up and Nicol Road was closed at one point, disappointingly for some students, no school has been cancelled.

Editor Abe Asher claims he is a flood fiend and loves talking floods. When I asked Abe what he thought about the flood situation he eagerly responded, “I love all the flood talk. Really enjoying all the flood talk. There is nothing better than a weather incident.”

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Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Our female Student of the Week is Rachael Haugh. Rachael has been the varsity soccer goalie for three years now and placed into the first team all league the last two years. She has been captain for three years on varsity basketball, scoring 42 points in the game against Corbet last week (a team we had never beaten previously). Rachael has gotten both second and third place for doubles tennis in state. Outside of her impressive athletic achievements, Rachael’s favorite subjects in school are math and Spanish, and in her free time she likes to bake cookies and occasionally brownies. She says her favorite things are electric blankets, her two dogs, and york peppermint patties.Read More »