American-Australian Dictionary

By Elie Doubleday 

The Australian students leave on Sunday, so if you haven’t spoken to them yet, you should probably get on that. Or you could send them a Facebook message once they’ve left. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of words we say differently than them. So you can communicate with ease. It’s kind of like a dictionary, starting with our word, then going to their word. Enjoy. And get talking.

Candy — Lollies

     “Do you want to go to the lolly shop?”

Bathroom — Loo

     “I need to go to the loo.”

Alleys (in tennis) — Tramlines

      “If you’re playing singles tennis, the tramlines are out.”

Think — Reckon

     “Do you reckon we should go out for dinner?”

Exercise tank — Singlet

     “I wear a singlet to work out because I get too hot in a T-shirt.”

Construction Worker — Tradie

      “Tradies have to wear high-vis.”

Safety Vest — High-Vis

     “High-vis are the most ugly layer of outerwear.”

Sweater — Jumper

     “You should put on a jumper if you’re cold.”

Mosquito — Mozzie

     “I absolutely hate mozzie bites.”

Dinner/Supper — Tea

     “What do you want to do for tea?”

Thanks — Ta

     *Passes Jar* “Ta!”

Fields — Paddock

     “We have a paddock behind our house full of sheep.”

Fries and Chips — Chips

     “Can I have chips with my burger?”

Rice Krispies — Rice Bubbles

      “I would like rice bubbles for breaky.”

Breakfast — Breaky

     “Come down, breaky is ready.”

Water Bottle — Drink Bottle

     “I forgot my drink bottle and I’m so thirsty.”

McDonald’s — Maccas

     “Let’s go to Maccas, I’m craving a burger.”

Rain Boots — Gum Boots

     “Put your gum boots on, it’s raining.”

Roll Down the Window — Wind Down the Window

      “I’m going to wind down my window, I need some fresh air.”

Theater — Cinema

     “Spectre is now playing at the cinema, would you like to come see it with me?”

Lab (in science class) — Prac (for practical)

     “We have a prac in science tomorrow so I’ll have to wear safety goggles.”

Kangaroo — Boomer

     “Look! There’s a boomer outside!”

Flip-Flops — Thongs

     “Grab your thongs, we’re going to the pool.”

Swim Suit — Bathers

     “Go put on your bathers, I want to go to the beach.”

Cup of Tea — Cuppa

     “Do you want a cuppa?”