CoBo: The Inside Scoop

by Graham O’Connor

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending a Community Board meeting, and boy oh boy, do I have a story for you folks.

Before I opened that door and walked into that room, I already had a concrete image of what CoBo was like.

I was relieved (and also slightly disappointed) when I did open the door to see this:

But that’s not even the best part. During my visit, I discovered the hectic, yet effective, inner workings of the Community Board. “Let’s wrap them up in paper and then force them to run,” said a scheming Nathan C., thinking of more and more cruel ways to convince students to humiliate themselves in order to gain more points for Mystery Monday. Everett P. sat in the back of the room, using more brain power than you would expect to figure out which donut he should eat.

(Everett P. and Maya C. hard at work)

Despite popular belief, the signs that appear in the Great Hall are not produced magically. The talented artists over at CoBo spend painstaking amounts of time perfecting their craft, until they decide it is finally ready to be revealed to the world.

During this particular meeting, they were planning for Mystery Monday event that we all enjoyed at the beginning of this week, in which four SLAC representatives were mummified in Christmas wrapping paper. Naomi Z. came in from SLAC to do some collaboration, and I have to say, the innovation and teamwork that goes on in that room is impressive. CoBo is a nice, relaxed environment where everyone has a voice (except for me because I’m a reporter), so it’s no surprise that their events always turn out well.

The thing I enjoyed seeing the most was how involved everyone was. The grade representatives are doing their jobs very well (except for maybe Nathan C, because, well, you know — he’s Nathan C). All in all, CoBo is a well oiled machine (kind of like a Ferrari) being operated by a crew of creative, motivated individuals, as well as Nathan C.

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