OES Boys Varsity Basketball

By Petie Wogan 

photoThe basketball season is quickly getting going as our first game was this Wednesday, although it was an away game at Sheridan and not a league game. Pictured above is myself and Emerson just living life to the fullest out in Sheridan.

A couple seniors graduated last year, but there is a very good core group of guys on the team this year. Not to mention, yours truly, is the guy who does handshakes with each of the starters before the game as their names are called out. The handshakes were a bit rushed at Sheridan, but we got the W, and I think we’d all agree it was a very good team win.

Emerson L. had a double-double on Wednesday (24 points and 15 rebounds). When I asked Emerson, a second year team captain as a junior for a comment about basketball he vaguely responded, “I’m juss ballin’”. To clarify, I believe Emerson intended to say I am just balling.

He then got more specific and said, “The boys are looking great. Everyones out here grindin, all day giving 110%. Also shouts out y guy Coach Meyers – get well soon.”

Assistant Coach Meyers is out for a while because of his recent hip surgery. Librarian Chris Meyers is helping out in his absence.

Everyone is giving their all and playing their roles to the best of their ability, so come to our first home game this Friday in the main gym at 7:30!


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