Teachers In Recovery

By Peter B.

It seems that going into the Holiday season, teachers are dropping like flies. Recently, English teacher Diane Herschleb and Math teacher Gary Crossman have left school for medical reasons that I will explore later in this article. Please note that Gary’s family would like for his privacy to remain intact. The information discussed here is all that we know, so please do not contact him until he returns.

Diane Herschleb is an English 10 and Short Story teacher who has been teaching here at OES for over thirty years. She recently broke her ankle and had surgery on it. She is not supposed to put any weight on it and is resting at home.

Despite her ankle problems, she seems to be recovering well. Rick Rees, another English teacher here at OES, has spoken to her and says that she is hoping to return to school next week. Her recovery is going incredibly well, and she is still actively grading and responding to schoolwork.

Gary Crossman is an Honors Precalculus teacher here at OES who has also been teaching here for over thirty years. He had a medical emergency over the Thanksgiving break, and will most likely not return until after the Holiday break. Corbet Clark, a Religion teacher here, saw Gary on Tuesday and said that “He looks good and is recovering well.” Gary’s wife sent an email to Corbet on Wednesday saying that Gary is “doing well” and “getting stronger.”

It hurts everyone of us to have teachers out of school, and we wish both Diane and Gary a very speedy recovery.

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