A Dud Flood

by Petie Wogan

The recent flooding has been quite the saga in the past couple days. Even though the rain has not let up and Nicol Road was closed at one point, disappointingly for some students, no school has been cancelled.

Editor Abe Asher claims he is a flood fiend and loves talking floods. When I asked Abe what he thought about the flood situation he eagerly responded, “I love all the flood talk. Really enjoying all the flood talk. There is nothing better than a weather incident.”

I then asked Abraham to be a little more specific and he replied, “I feel lucky to be a part of the flood. I have trouble containing myself in class. I am also a fan of snow, but the flood is something we haven’t seen before so it is that much better.”

Although no evidence of real weather knowledge or insight was exhibited by Abe, his spirit and opinions on the flood really capture the excitement of many students when cool weather incidents like this occur.

For me I am at a bit of a crossroads because I would love a snow or flood day although being the studious guy that I am I want to be as prepared for finals as possible. Hopefully once finals are over though there is some snow because I consider myself a bit of a snowball fight matador. At least that’s what they called me in the 80’s.

One thought on “A Dud Flood

  1. Oh, we’ve seen this before, with Nicol Road closed. But Abe was probably in Pre-K or something like that. I, however,am not loving the floods. It might be because I had to tear out 800 square feet of soggy carpet from my basement on Monday….

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