Peace Corps Visitor

By Elie Doubleday

On Monday, Maria McIvor brought in a past OES graduate to talk to the HLC class, both AP classes, and the spanish 4 class. Unfortunately, due to flooding, so many kids bailed on school that some of the classes had to join up. However, I’ve been told that the presentation still went incredibly well.

Katie Snyder graduated from OES in 2006 and attended the University of Michigan on a five-year civil engineering program. While she attended, she spent a year abroad in México, and Maria remembers she was quite good at Spanish while at OES. After graduating, she joined the Peace Corps. She now lives in a small, indigenous reservation in Panama, working on a water system to bring drinkable water to the community. She is also educating the community on health and sex ed. In her presentation, Katie talked about her experiences in the peace corps, what she’s doing now, and what the community she is living in is like.


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