Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Our female Student of the Week is Rachael Haugh. Rachael has been the varsity soccer goalie for three years now and placed into the first team all league the last two years. She has been captain for three years on varsity basketball, scoring 42 points in the game against Corbet last week (a team we had never beaten previously). Rachael has gotten both second and third place for doubles tennis in state. Outside of her impressive athletic achievements, Rachael’s favorite subjects in school are math and Spanish, and in her free time she likes to bake cookies and occasionally brownies. She says her favorite things are electric blankets, her two dogs, and york peppermint patties.


Our male Student of the Week is Yinka Laniran. Yinka recently represented our school at SDLC, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, in Tampa, Florida. Yinka has also played on the varsity soccer team for all four years and has run track for one. He is very interested in business and math. He likes bubble tea, but not tapioca balls, and Tokyo Grill. He hopes to go to college in California because it is warm and sunny and his brother lives down there. Yinka enjoys watching Jane the Virgin, Donald Trump interviews, and tweety bird cartoons. His favorite musical artist is Chance the Rapper.

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